Fisker suggests potential launch of Ocean electric SUV in Australia

US-based ‍electric vehicle start-up, Fisker, has expressed its intention to bring its Ocean electric SUV to the Australian market. ​The company has already begun deliveries of the Ocean in various markets, including Europe and the US. Recently, it added the UK to the‍ list of countries that will receive ​the right-hand-drive version of ⁤the vehicle. In response to an⁣ enquiry from an EV enthusiast, Fisker’s⁢ CEO Henrik Fisker expressed a positive outlook on bringing the unique electric ‍SUV to the SUV-dominated⁤ Australian ​market.

Currently, the right-hand-drive version of the Ocean is available for order in⁣ the UK ⁣in four trims, with a base price of £35,970. ⁢This makes it more ‍affordable than⁣ the ‌BYD Atto 3 base-level trim, priced at £37,195. The features included ⁤in the Ocean SUV are a 273-mile NEDC range, a⁣ front-wheel-drive single motor powertrain, an 80 kWh battery ⁤pack, a glass roof, a 17.1-inch⁣ infotainment display, a powered boot opener, and a premium audio system. The top-spec Extreme variant, priced at £60,880, comes with a dual-motor powertrain and a 113 kWh battery pack, offering a NEDC range of up⁣ to 700 ⁤km.

Fisker began production of the Ocean in November‌ last year at the carbon-neutral production​ facility of contracted manufacturer Magna Steyr⁤ in Graz, Austria.⁤ The demand for the‌ Ocean EV has been strong,⁣ with over ‍63,000 customers worldwide expressing enthusiasm for ‌the ‍vehicle. According⁤ to a recent report, larger quantities of the Ocean SUV are starting to reach the‌ US, with over 3,000 units produced at the manufacturing plant in Austria. With the addition of right-hand-drive production, it is expected that production will increase to 300 units per day in the final quarter of 2023. However, due‍ to the high ⁣number of reservations yet to be⁢ fulfilled, it is unlikely ⁣that ⁤Fisker will be able to launch⁣ in the Australian market until next year.
Fisker suggests potential launch of Ocean electric⁣ SUV in Australia

Renowned American electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, Fisker Inc., is eyeing Australia as a ⁤potential ‌market ‌for its highly anticipated​ electric ‍SUV, the Ocean.⁢ Henrik Fisker, the visionary behind the ⁣luxury EV company, recently hinted at the possibility ⁤of launching ⁢the Ocean ⁣in the Australian market, expanding the brand’s global reach and reinforcing the country’s growing EV industry.

The Ocean electric ⁣SUV has garnered significant‌ attention worldwide for its outstanding features, innovative ‍design, and commitment to sustainability. With a sleek and aerodynamic body, the Fisker⁢ Ocean combines sophistication with practicality. The vehicle is powered ​by an advanced electric drivetrain, and its battery offers an impressive driving range of up to 482 kilometers, making it ideally suited for the diverse⁢ terrain of‌ Australia.

Recognizing that Australia presents a critical market ​for EVs, Fisker foresees a prosperous future for sustainable transportation in the country. The potential launch of the Ocean ​in Australia could help address some of the unique challenges faced by the automotive industry in the region, ⁤such as reducing carbon emissions and promoting‍ cleaner transportation options.

One of the key advantages offered by Fisker’s Ocean⁤ is⁤ its affordability, positioning it as an accessible option for consumers interested in transitioning to electric vehicles. ‌Fisker’s business model emphasizes a flexible lease program, ⁤allowing customers to experience the benefits ⁣of electric mobility‌ without the hefty ‍financial burden associated with purchasing a brand-new EV. This ⁣approach aligns‍ perfectly with⁣ Australia’s evolving automotive landscape and consumer demands.

Furthermore, Fisker‍ has stated that the Ocean will be⁢ equipped with ​numerous sustainable materials throughout its⁤ construction, going beyond traditional notions of eco-consciousness in vehicle manufacturing. The interior of the Ocean will feature fully recycled carpeting made from regenerated nylon, repurposed from abandoned fishing nets and other waste items collected from the oceans. Additionally, Fisker has committed to offsetting its carbon footprint by collaborating with, further solidifying the brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

In the context of Australia’s ambitious⁢ sustainability goals, the potential arrival of Fisker’s SUV in the ⁤country could be a significant step towards achieving ‍a greener future. ‍With‌ the Australian government announcing plans to invest heavily in‍ charging infrastructure and provide incentives for EV‌ ownership, the stage is set for a successful partnership between Fisker and Australian consumers.

However, it is important to note that the actual launch of‍ the Ocean in‍ Australia is still speculative at this stage. Fisker’s indication‍ of interest represents ⁢a preliminary step towards market entry, as‌ the ⁣brand evaluates the viability of the Australian market and establishes partnerships with local entities for distribution and support.

In conclusion, Fisker’s potential launch of the Ocean electric SUV in Australia is an exciting proposition. The vehicle’s combination of luxury, performance, and sustainability makes it an attractive option for environmentally conscious⁤ consumers ‍in ‍the country. Australia’s ongoing commitment to clean transportation and Fisker’s innovative approach to EV manufacturing offer a fertile ground ⁢for ‌the Ocean’s success. While the final ​decision rests with Fisker and various market dynamics, the potential arrival of the Ocean could mark a significant turning⁤ point in Australia’s transition towards‍ a greener automotive ⁢industry.