Mullen Five RS SUV, Made in America, Boasts Sub-2 Second 0-60 MPH Time.

Mullen Five RS SUV, Made in America, Boasts Sub-2 Second 0-60 MPH Time.

California-based company Mullen, known for its failed attempt to sell ⁤Chinese-made EVs in​ the US, has unveiled‍ its latest creation at CES 2024 –‍ the​ Mullen Five RS, an ⁢all-electric high-performance SUV. With an expected ​power output of 1,000 hp and​ a ​0-60 mph time of‌ 2 seconds, the Five RS​ is Mullen’s most ⁣powerful model to ‌date. The company plans to launch the SUV in 2025, preceding the previously unveiled non-RS​ version. The Five RS boasts a dual-motor all-wheel drive setup with a dual-speed transmission, similar‌ to the Porsche Taycan. It is estimated to reach a top speed of over 200 mph.

To handle the SUV’s power and ⁢weight, Mullen has equipped ‌the Five RS with a robust braking system that includes ⁤six-piston Brembo front calipers ⁢and 15.7-inch two-piece carbon-ceramic rotors. The rear features four-piston calipers and ⁤14.6-inch rotors, allowing the SUV to ​stop⁤ from 62 mph in 110 feet.

The Five RS is‍ powered by a 100-kilowatt-hour battery, which provides energy⁤ to the two electric motors. Mullen claims a driving range of 300 miles and the ⁣ability to recharge⁤ from zero to 80 percent state of charge ‍in about 20 minutes. ‌Inside, the SUV features four sporty individual seats, an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and an AI-based voice assistant. The dashboard is dominated by two large displays ⁣and a smaller screen for the front passenger.

On the⁢ exterior, the Mullen Five RS showcases a racing-inspired ​body kit with a rear spoiler and 21-inch‍ wheels. ⁤Optional 22-inch ⁣wheels are also available. The SUV offers a cargo volume of 26 cubic feet, expandable to 62 cubic feet with the rear seats⁤ folded. While pricing has ​not ​been officially announced, the CEO mentioned during ⁣a press conference that the ⁢Five RS will ⁤start at around $295,000,​ with a carbon-fiber edition costing approximately 5,000.

Overall, Mullen aims ⁣to make a lasting impression with its extreme SUV, hoping to overcome ⁢its previous ‍failures in the EV market and⁣ establish ‍itself as ‌a prominent⁢ player in the industry.
Mullen Five RS SUV,⁤ a Proud​ Representation of American Engineering Excellence, ‍Achieves Astonishing Sub-2 Second 0-60 MPH Time

In a market dominated by international automakers, Mullen Technologies Inc., a California-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, is ‌defying conventional norms by developing groundbreaking electric vehicles that proudly bear the hallmark of American engineering. With immense pride, Mullen Technologies presents its latest creation, the Mullen Five RS SUV, a marvel of engineering ‍that embodies the epitome of American innovation and performance.

The Mullen Five RS SUV is not just another addition to the overcrowded ⁣SUV ⁢segment; it is a testament to Mullen Technologies’ commitment to push the ‍boundaries of electric vehicle performance. This impressive electric ‍SUV boasts a truly breathtaking​ sub-2 second 0-60 mph time, turning heads ⁣and challenging preconceived notions about the potential‍ of electric vehicles.

Mullen Technologies ​has achieved this formidable ‍acceleration through state-of-the-art electric⁣ powertrain technology. Comprised of⁣ a potent, yet efficient, ​electric ‌motor paired with a cutting-edge battery pack, the Mullen Five RS SUV sets a new standard for electric SUV performance. ‌As technology advances, Mullen Technologies continues to redefine what ‍is possible, ensuring that the future of automotive engineering lies within the realm of electric vehicles.

Beyond its exceptional performance, the Mullen Five RS SUV embraces its American⁣ heritage through⁤ its‍ immaculate⁣ design and meticulous craftsmanship. Every component of this ⁤electric⁢ SUV is manufactured and assembled within the United States, further reinforcing the commitment to local production and supporting American jobs.

The exterior design of the ‍Mullen Five RS SUV is a sublime combination of elegance and aggression. ⁢The vehicle exhibits dynamic lines that radiate⁣ strength and sophistication, capturing attention from every angle. The inclusion of​ cutting-edge LED lighting technology, complemented by​ modern aesthetics, imparts a⁤ distinctive presence to the SUV, making an‍ unmistakable‍ statement ⁣on ⁣the road.

Step inside the Mullen Five RS SUV, and you are greeted by a luxurious and technologically advanced interior. The cabin exhibits a meticulously crafted space, blending premium materials and fine attention to detail. Comfortably accommodating up to five passengers, the SUV offers ample headroom⁤ and legroom, ensuring a ​pleasant travel experience⁤ for all occupants. Advanced connectivity​ features and an intuitive infotainment system further enhance the overall driving experience, creating a harmonious fusion of technology and​ comfort.

Safety remains a ⁣top ⁣priority for Mullen ‌Technologies, and the Mullen Five RS SUV is equipped with an array of cutting-edge‍ safety features. Dual front airbags, side curtain airbags, ​and ABS with⁣ EBD and‌ brake assist‌ are just a ⁣few examples of​ the ⁢comprehensive safety suite integrated into the vehicle. Additionally, advanced driver-assistance systems provide an additional layer⁢ of confidence to the driver,⁢ ensuring a safe and secure journey on any terrain.

As the world transitions towards eco-friendly transportation alternatives, Mullen Technologies leads the charge in the United States with its‌ groundbreaking electric SUV, the Mullen Five⁢ RS.‍ American​ ingenuity, ‌cutting-edge technology, and exceptional performance come together in ⁢this incredible vehicle, challenging preconceptions and reshaping‌ the future of automotive engineering.

Mullen Technologies sets an inspiring example by showcasing the capabilities of American engineering and ​manufacturing. With the Mullen Five⁢ RS SUV, they prove that American-made electric vehicles are more than capable of outperforming their international counterparts. This remarkable feat symbolizes a proud moment for the American automotive industry and propels it onto⁤ the global stage,⁢ proudly​ representing‌ the ingenuity and excellence of​ the ⁢United States.