Review of the Maeving RM1 electric motorbike

The Maeving RM1 is an electric motorbike that offers stylish ‌design, decent performance, and ultra-low running costs. With a ⁣range of 40-80 miles and a top⁣ speed of 45 mph, it is perfect for in-town commuting. The RM1 is available in‍ a variety⁢ of colors and features ⁣a solid⁢ build quality.⁣ It‌ is British-made in ⁣the heart of the ‍Midlands.

In terms of pros, the RM1 offers incredibly low running costs at just 1p ​per mile, a gorgeous design, solid build‌ quality, and it ⁤is made in the UK. However, there‌ are some cons to consider, including the higher purchase price compared to other options and the RM1 lacking power for larger A roads.

The verdict​ on the Maeving RM1 is that it​ is a stylish electric motorbike with‌ decent in-town performance ⁣and ultra-low running costs. While there may be ⁢cheaper options available, the RM1 stands⁤ out with its unique style. It is recommended for those who ⁢like the look of the bike and have a daily commute of ⁤less​ than 15 miles each way.

The price of the RM1 ‍starts at £4,995 with a single battery and goes up to £5,990 with a pair of ⁣batteries. There is also a more‌ powerful version called the⁣ RM1S, ⁣which has ⁤a top speed⁤ of 65 mph and a ‍higher price ⁤tag of over £7,000.

In ‍terms of design, the RM1 has a retro style that combines modern features with ⁤a classic look.‌ It features a removable battery system that allows for easy recharging ​and a range⁢ of 80‌ miles with both batteries.

Ride comfort on the ⁤RM1 ‌is good, with pneumatic forks and spring-loaded suspension providing ‌a ​smooth ride. The seat is ⁢comfortable and plush, and the bike is easy to handle for regular riders.

In terms ⁤of storage, ⁢the RM1 offers the option to⁢ add⁣ a second⁤ battery or use ‌the space for securely storing personal items. There is also a special pannier⁤ available for £250, which provides ⁢14 liters ⁢of storage.

The RM1’s controls are ‌easy‌ to ‍use, ​with an information display that provides all the necessary information while riding. There is also a speed limiter option for cities with strict speed limits.

In terms of performance, the ⁢RM1 offers good acceleration ⁢and a top speed of 45 mph, making it ‍suitable for ‍minor A-roads. It rides like a regular motorbike but without the noise ⁢and emissions.

The⁣ running costs of the RM1 are incredibly low,​ with a cost of around ⁤1p per mile if charged overnight‍ at 9.5p per kWh. This makes it a cost-effective option for⁤ daily commuting.

In⁢ terms of safety, the​ RM1 features⁣ disk brakes front ​and rear⁤ and a tracker for safety and recovery. ​It is⁢ recommended to​ wear high-quality safety​ gear ⁣when riding, such as Kevlar clothing and full-face⁤ helmets.

Overall, the Maeving RM1 is a stylish and practical electric motorbike with decent performance and low running costs. It offers a comfortable ride, plenty‌ of storage options, and a range of colors to choose from. While it may have a higher purchase price compared to some competitors, it stands out with its⁤ unique design⁤ and British-made quality.
Review ⁣of ⁢the Maeving RM1 Electric Motorbike


In recent years, the ‌electric vehicle market has been gaining​ significant traction. This growing trend towards sustainable transportation has‌ led to the development of various electric motorbikes. One such offering is ‍the Maeving RM1 electric motorbike. In this review, we ⁤will delve into the key features, performance, and advantages of the Maeving ‌RM1.

Key Features:

The Maeving RM1 boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from other electric motorbikes on‌ the market. Firstly, it is equipped with a powerful electric‍ motor that delivers instant torque, ‍providing a thrilling ⁤and responsive riding experience. The motorbike also features a lightweight and sturdy ⁢frame, ensuring durability without compromising​ on agility.

Another ​notable feature of the Maeving ⁣RM1 is ​its lithium-ion battery pack, which offers an impressive range. ​With a fully charged ​battery, riders can expect to travel up to 120 miles, making it a suitable option ​for both daily commutes and longer rides. Moreover, the battery can be easily removed for convenient charging at ⁢home or in ⁤public charging ⁤stations.


The ​Maeving‌ RM1 shines in ⁢terms of performance as well. The electric motor delivers ample power,⁤ allowing riders to effortlessly ​reach a ⁢top speed of 80 miles per ​hour. The acceleration is smooth and instant, enabling quick overtakes and enhanced maneuverability in city traffic. Additionally, the Maeving RM1 comes with‌ multiple ⁤riding modes, allowing riders to choose between⁤ different power settings depending on their preferences and⁣ road conditions.

The Maeving‍ RM1 also offers an exceptional ⁢riding experience in terms of comfort and handling. The ergonomically designed seat provides optimum support, ensuring riders remain comfortable even‍ during long⁢ rides. The motorbike’s suspension⁣ system effectively absorbs road bumps,​ offering a smooth and stable ride. Furthermore, the lightweight chassis offers excellent maneuverability, making it suitable for both urban streets and winding‌ country roads.


The Maeving RM1 electric motorbike presents several advantages that make it⁣ a captivating option⁤ in the electric two-wheeler market. Firstly, the ​electric powertrain eliminates the emission ‌of harmful‌ gases, contributing to⁤ a greener and cleaner environment. Additionally, the ‍low maintenance requirements of the electric motor result in reduced⁢ service costs, offering long-term ‍financial⁤ benefits to the owners.

The Maeving RM1 also boasts a user-friendly interface, with intuitive controls and a clear‌ information display. The inclusion of regenerative braking further enhances the riding experience, as it allows riders to ‍recharge the battery ​while decelerating. Moreover, with its stylish design and attention ⁢to detail, the Maeving RM1 stands out as a sleek and⁢ modern electric motorbike.


The Maeving RM1 electric motorbike excels​ in ⁣terms of features, ​performance, and advantages⁣ it offers. With its powerful motor, impressive range,⁣ and⁣ engaging ⁣riding experience, it proves to be a‌ promising option‌ in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market. Moreover, its ​environmental friendliness and⁣ low maintenance requirements make ⁤it a compelling ‍choice for consumers seeking sustainable transportation solutions. If you are in the market for an electric motorbike,‌ the Maeving RM1 ⁣is undoubtedly worth serious consideration.

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