Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance Packs Adaptive Suspension, Over 500 HP: Website Leak

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance Packs Adaptive Suspension, Over 500 HP: Website Leak

It’s no secret that Tesla has been working on a Performance version of the updated Model 3 that debuted last year, but details have been very much unofficial, as well as few and far between. Until now.

As it turns out, some Tesla-provided details have been lurking online for God knows how long–you just had to know where to look. Things like the estimated power output, suspension setup and version-specific software tweaks were discovered by InsideEVs in the source code of Tesla UK’s website after we received a tip from a reader.

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The refreshed Tesla Model 3 is currently available in two versions: standard-range rear-wheel drive and long-range all-wheel drive. As you might have noticed, there’s no Performance trim among them, but that’s about to change soon.

It’s worth noting that even though this information was extracted from the company’s website, the data isn’t yet visible upfront, so we’ll just take it with a grain of salt. It wouldn’t be the first time an automaker decided to tweak some stats before a model’s release.

The website’s source code doesn’t mention the “Ludicrous” moniker for the sporty Model 3, which leads us to believe that Tesla will just go with the “Performance” description that was used on the previous model, despite the presence of a Ludicrous badge on the trunk lid of pre-production cars that were spotted by enthusiasts in the past months.

Power-wise, Tesla says in the code that the new Model 3 Performance is “the most powerful Model 3 ever,” with “more than 500 horsepower” combined courtesy of “all-new high-performance drive units.” The zero to 60 miles per hour acceleration, however, is not disclosed in the code, and instead, we just have a text that says “0-60 mph in {ACCELERATION} seconds.” 

According to someone who attended a private presentation of the sporty EV in Malibu at the beginning of April, that figure might be 2.9 seconds, but it’s very much unofficial at this point. The previous Model 3 Performance could do the sprint in 3.5 seconds, as per Car and Driver.


Those high-performance drive units were spotted in a South Korean government filing that said the front motor, dubbed 3D3, can deliver 150 kilowatts (201 horsepower). Meanwhile, the rear motor, called 4D2, is reportedly capable of 303 kW (406 hp). As each motor’s peak performance is reached at different speeds, the effective combined output is always lower than the sum of the two units’ output levels.

That same government filing revealed that the high-voltage battery was rated at 355 volts and 230 amp-hours, resulting in an energy capacity of 81.65 kilowatt-hours. There is no mention of the driving range.

Getting back to the recently discovered source code, it says that the updated Model 3 Performance features “all-new adaptive damping powered by in-house software [that] gives your enhanced body control without sacrificing daily usability or comfort.”


In our eyes, “all-new” means just that, so we expect the sporty EV to feature a different suspension system compared to the currently available Standard Range and Long Range versions, which have frequency-response dampers. These are just a step up from your old, regular suspension dampers but don’t feature magnetic fluid or electronic valves.

The next lines of text buried in the website’s source code seem to confirm that the facelifted Model 3 Performance will indeed have a smarter suspension. “The latest generation driving mode integrates adaptive suspension controls with a performance-optimized powertrain to deliver more response and fun behind the wheel,” the code shows.


Furthermore, the refreshed sporty sedan will get the latest version of the company’s Track Mode software tweak pack, V3. “Track Mode V3 features all-new calibration for the powertrain and adaptive suspension to give you more authority behind the wheel. Plus, you can customize handling balance, stability controls and regenerative braking to set the car up how you like it.”

There’s also a “bespoke chassis and suspension hardware” that are “tuned to provide [an] intuitive, razor-sharp response to driver inputs,” as well as an “enhanced pedal feel and improved heat management [to] ensure consistent braking at all speeds and across a wider temperature range.”

We already knew from looking at all the photos and videos that flooded social media that the updated Model 3 Performance would come with redesigned wheels and front and rear fascias compared to the non-Performance trims. Now, we have confirmation.

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“Exclusive to Model 3 Performance, the redesigned front and rear fascias, rear diffuser and carbon fiber spoiler give a unique look, and work together to optimize high-speed stability,” the source code reveals. At the same time, a set of “lightweight, staggered wheels provide sharper turn-in response, improved predictability, increased traction out of corners and optimized aerodynamics.”

Inside, the updated M3P reportedly features a “lightweight carbon fiber decor and refined weave pattern” plus an “all-new seat design with enhanced side and cushion bolsters [to] hold you in place, while ventilation keeps you cool.”

We don’t know when the refreshed Tesla Model 3 Performance will be up for order, but it likely won’t be long before the sporty sedan goes on sale. Several pre-production models were spotted without camouflage and there was at least one event where the model was showcased behind closed doors.

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Tesla enthusiasts were in for a treat recently​ as a leaked website revealed some ⁤exciting ⁢updates to ⁢the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3 Performance. The leak ⁣showcased that the new version of the​ Model 3 Performance will come equipped with an ‍upgraded adaptive suspension system and will boast an impressive over 500 horsepower.

One of the⁤ key features that stood out from the⁣ leaked ⁢website was the inclusion of an adaptive suspension system in the Model 3 Performance. This system, which is also found in Tesla’s Model S and Model X vehicles, dynamically adjusts the car’s suspension based on road conditions ⁣and driving style. This allows for ⁢a smoother ride⁢ and better handling,⁣ especially when navigating tight corners or rough terrain.

In addition to the new suspension system, the leaked website also revealed⁢ that the Model 3 Performance will pack more ‌power under the hood. With over 500 horsepower at its disposal, the Model 3 Performance is expected to offer an exhilarating driving experience that ⁣is sure ​to⁣ impress⁣ even the most die-hard petrolheads.

The leaked information⁤ has generated ⁢a buzz among Tesla fans⁣ and​ automotive enthusiasts alike, with many eagerly anticipating the official announcement and release of the upgraded Model 3 Performance. Tesla has yet to ⁤confirm or deny the details leaked from the website, but if true, it is clear that the Model 3 ‍Performance is set to raise the‍ bar in terms of performance and innovation in the electric vehicle market.

Overall, the leaked information about the upgraded ​Tesla Model 3‌ Performance has sparked excitement and speculation among car enthusiasts. With a new ‍adaptive suspension system and over 500 horsepower, the Model 3​ Performance is shaping up ​to be a game-changer in the world of electric vehicles. As the official​ unveiling draws closer, anticipation is building for what ​promises to be ​a thrilling and revolutionary addition to⁤ Tesla’s lineup.